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    8.4 million people around the world die prematurely due to poor environmental maintenance which inadvertently leads to environmental degradation. We are earth's last hope.

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    “It’s amazing the difference one person can make”- Chiamaka Uzokwe
    Join us to make a change in our enviroment.

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Welcome to Cleanpick

More About Us

Cleanpick is a social enterprise that provides tools to help creates environmental awareness across Nigeria. We explore various innovative solutions to educate and sensitize people on the importance of a sustainable environment.
CleanPick’s goal is to ensure that the rate of diseases which are caused by environmental factors are reduced to the barest minimum while also providing a sustainable environment for our generation and the generations to come.


We teach you all you need to know about your environment and more. We believe that with knowledge comes better decision as to how we treat our environment.


At Cleanpick, we implementing mobile technology and data science to help build applications to help people separate and recycle their waste. We believe that innovation is a key element to achieving better environment.


We empower individuals by providing different means which they can profit from their environment. We believe that we all can make a profit from makeing our environment better.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create a sustainable environment free from degradation.

Knowledge is power. With great power comes an even greater responsibility. We aim to educate people on how best their little efforts can make a big difference in saving the environment.
We aim to encourage separation and recycling of waste which would reduce waste-borne diseases in our societies.


Frequently asked qaestions


How can I support this initiative?

Send us an email at support@cleanpick.green and tell us about yourself and how you would love to support our initiative.


How do I get updates about articles?

Join our newsletter.


Can I submit my articles to be posted on cleanpick blog?

Yes, send your work to blog@cleanpick.green

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