Send us a message via our website or through our hotlines stating your location and the nearest landmark, the type and quantity of waste.
Yes, please sign up, we will schedule pick up when necessary.
There are plans to establish sorting centers available in all communities, sign up our website to be update on the closest collection center nearest to you.
In order to implement our zero waste policy, we seek to collect all recyclables. We are however presently focused on the collection of dry recyclables such as plastics, metallic cans, cartons, paper, bottles.
Currently, there are different system developed to promote recycling. In Nigeria we have collection centers in various location with different pickup and reward systems. We also have the development of recyclables pickup applications many of which Cleanpick seek to perfect.

WE are a youth championed social enterprise focused on achieving a profitable, clean, and green environment devoid of avoidable health and economic challenges caused by environmental pollution especially indiscriminate disposal of waste.


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